Too soon to say goodbye?

Too soon to say goodbye?

A month, or a two months?

A week, or a day?

Is it the last annual event?

Or the last weekend away?

When is it too soon to say goodbye?


Is it when you’re thinking about leaving?

Or when you’ve found your next home?

Is it when you tell the first person?

Or when the whole community knows?

When is it too soon to say goodbye?


For each person it is different,

But a challenge all the same.

Letting go, moving on…

Saying goodbye…

To your friends.

3 thoughts on “Too soon to say goodbye?”

  1. I’m always seeing them go, I’m always the one who stays, and I know as I see my friends come and go, that life afterwards will be never be what it is, what is was, and it doesn’t mean that it won’t be bright but it just will never be the same.
    Wondering where your heart is aiming at, and knowing and hoping that it will be sweet!

  2. Your post captured what I felt when we were getting ready to move last year. It was only an hour away so it was hard to know when or how long I should take to say goodbye.

  3. Lost of emotion catch in this post. So well said. Love this.
    Welcome to the slicing challenge. Keep writing.

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